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Many prepaid users rush into the next supermarket or the closest gas staion just before closing time in order to buy a new voucher to top up their phone. But all the hustle was for nothing if the device is out of order. A scenario like that is annoying especially in situations where one has to make an urgent call or the mobile data has to be topped up again. Does it has to be like that?

Direct top up

Immediately after the payment receipt the credit of your direct top up is being transferred. No more calling the customer service, no more mistyping when entering the digits for a speed dialing code.
Another advantage for the direct top up with utransto is that it even works abroad: not all providers are able to provide their users a top-up if they are logged on a foreign network.
Our direct top up service will not only save you from a lot of trouble but also from wasting your time. Without much effort it is possible to buy credit online and send it worldwide directly to the addressee.

A friend or an acquaintance can be surprised with the top up of their phone just like that. Out of nowhere will the top up confirmation appear on the display and the gratefullness of the receiver will be certain.

Cost trap topping up abroad

Usually, phone calls to the customer service are only for free when calling from the native country. Thanks to numerous recorded advertising placements, which need to be heard in order to get served, you pay one or two minutes for the international rate. Without having an effective benefit your call will have taken three or four minutes until you have entered the code.

utransto gives customers what they want

We hand you the wanted product without further ado. No advertisements, no hidden costs and without having to have remaining balance while being abroad. Quick, easy and uncomplicated…

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