Erasmus students in Spain, listen up!

Spain is by far the most popular Erasmus destination for students from all over Europe. And this is the case for a couple of good reasons. It is the names of cities like Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid, Salamanca and Granada that evoke the associations of Mediterranean climate combined with the vibes of a vivid and urban city.

Since Spain is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, its popularity among Erasmus students is not surprising. Who would want to miss a chance to spend six to twelve months abroad studying while enjoying the perks of the Mediterranean lifestyle in a young and international environment? It is probably the images of stunning landscapes, dreamy beaches, beautiful people and a lot of culture that adds up to the southern temperament of the natives which results in a romantic picture of the perfect Erasmus destination.

International top ups

The whole culture around studying abroad, meeting new people from different parts of the continent and travelling the world expresses the hybrid lifestyles of this generation of young Europeans. It is a generation that lives a nomadic and international lifestyle. The one thing that had to follow yet was a comfortable opportunity to recharge your mobile phone credit when being abroad.

utransto has the answer to your questions:

  • How do I top up my SIM card from home when I’m abroad?
  • How do I top up my foreign SIM card from abroad if I don’t speak the language properly?

The new European laws make it easier to use your SIM card from back home. However, topping up a Spanish SIM card, for example, while being in Germany has always been a bit problematic – until now. With utransto it is possible to top up SIM cards from more than 400 providers in more than 100 countries. In just three small steps you can easily top up the credit of your phone with the needed amount from anywhere in the world. All you need to do is to type in the number that has to be topped up and select one of the various payment methods. Directly after confirming the payment the credit is transferred to the receiving number. Your utransto registration is of course for free.

Top up Spanish SIM cards

And we have good news as well for every Erasmus student who purchased a Spanish SIM card for their stay abroad. utransto makes it possible to top up Spanish SIM cards from 23 different providers. Forget about language barriers while deciphering some Spanish recordings from a tape. Forget about translating Spanish credit vouchers to receive your top up. And forget about opening hours of call shops when you run out of credit. Now you can comfortably top up your Spanish SIM from at home or wherever you are in the world. All you need to have is an internet connection and a valid mobile phone number that you want to top up.

Another advantage is that it does not have to be your own phone number. You can top up any valid phone number without a confirmation from the receiving end. In this case you can help your loved ones from far away with a small but meaningful gesture. Adapt your top up habits to your international lifestyle – with utransto.

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