Ethiopia my beloved home

A person becomes nostalgic and homesick for the home he once lived in once he shifts to a new neighborhood, but moving to a whole new country is an entirely different story.

Hello, my name is Aida I moved from Ethiopia to Germany to live with my uncle for sometime to persue my studies.

I would like to tell you a few things that I miss about my country. Sure, what I miss the most is my family, but we manage to keep in touch since I was introduced to utransto. I can send top up to my grandmother in the village and now she is able to send me a good morning message every day. I just love it.

In the beginning I became truly homesick for my parents, my friends, and my country. Though being in touch with them through has really shrunk the distance substantially.

Here are a few things I miss the most about Ethiopia and would like to tell more about the place I was born and bred.

The Fresh Aromatic Coffee

Most people are unaware of this, but the art of coffee was founded and refined in my home country. In Ethiopia, if you visit a coffee house, it is not just a hot cup of Joe. It is an experience. They roast the coffee beans right in front of you, crush it with a mortar, brew it in a ancient kettle made of clay and then pour the steaming drink into a small expresso cup. Aaah. There is absolutely no match for Ethiopian coffee. It has the best taste.

The Rich Culture

Ethioipia has remained shut from rest of the world for quite some time. Now it embraces everything. It has a culture who is deeply rooted in traditions and history which still impacts the modern life there. It is a place where you could go way back in time.

The Rock Churches

Though there are so many places in Ethiopia and I have truly enjoyed all of them, the ancient churches are something I feel deeply connected to. Whenever I was feeling a little down, I always strolled to these places. The ancient structures and scenery really rejuvanted me.

There are tons of other ancient churches and attractions too which I can really recommend such as Castles of Gondar, Churches of Lalibela, and Ruins of Axum.

The Yummy Food

Most of the Ethiopian food is eaten with injera, a spongy flat bread made from an ancient grain called teff. It is quite popular. Then there is wats, a spicy stew that is cooked with goat, ox, lamb, or chicken. Degamino, also known as shiro, is a chick-pea based spicy hot hummus dish. I truly miss that!

The Climate on the Mountains

Many belive that as Ethiopia is in Africa, it is going to be hot. Surprisingly, it isn’t. It is largely situated in the mountains which keeps the climate cool. The summer months bring a lot of rain to beat the heat.

The Colorful Fashion

I personally feel quite proud of our women who are still strongly holding our traditional clothes, hair and jewlery. Our dress proudly says it out loud that yes, I am Ehtiopian. The modern fashion is also flourishing but has this element of personal identity. Every dress and every hairstyle differs from one another.

Living away from home and family is not always easy. I had a hard time adjusting but eventually, I did. Gladly I am able to stay in touch with my family via utranso which is easy and affordable and I am always up to date about what is happening back home.

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