Cubacel Promo – 30 CUC free

Cubacel Bonus CUC

It´s promotion time!

Yet again we can announce, that all our Cubacel customers will benefit from a great promotion deal in September!


So what´s the deal:

Recharge 20 CUC          ->    receive 50 CUC

Recharge 2×20 CUC      ->    receive 50 CUC

Recharge 4×20 CUC     ->    receive 50 CUC


So for every 20 CUC you receive 30 CUC for free on top!  Now that´s a deal!

Promotion starts 21 Sep

Check out Cubacel Bonus Promotion to find out more or benefit directly and recharge now!

#SayIcare with #utransto


Cubacel Bonus CUC