Top up Russian SIM card online

Kremlin in Russia

You are sitting at the airport, on the train or maybe you are stuck in traffic and you urgently need to call somebody and your credit is almost gone.

Or you are on a bussines trip to Russia and you want to avoid roaming costs.

Maybe your son is studying in Russia and you want to ensure he can reach you at any time.

There are many scenarios where you need to top up credit, but there is no shop close by.

With utransto you can top up Russian SIM cards online whenever you want. The amount will be instantly sent to your phone. Choose from Beeline, Megafone or MTS!

Register for free to utransto, type in the number you would like to top up and select the amount you would like to buy. Then choose the payment method you desire e.g Paysafecard, Credit Card, ect. that´s it!

So simple so fast! Try now!