Cubacel- send recharge to a Cuban mobile phone

Cuban cars in red yeloow green

Many of us have friends and family in Cuba. Even though Cuba is a beautiful island, it isn´t always easy to visit friends and family there on a regular basis. Neverthless, we still want to show our loved ones that we care and think about them.

What can you do?

How would your Cuban friend or family member react if suddenly they receive a text message saying: ” Your phone has just been recharged with 20CUC?”

Sending recharge to a special person is a beautiful surprise. It is such a sweet way to say “I care”. It doesn´t always have to be Christmas or a birthday to put a smile on someone´s face, right?!

Sometimes it´s random acts of kindness that make a difference.

How can you do it?

Mobile phone service in Cuba is provided through Cubacel, which is owned by ETESCA. This means all Cuban mobile phones use the same operator which is Cubacel.

If you would like to send top up, you can choose to send 20,30,40 or 50 CUC online at utransto.

It only takes three easy steps to instantly send top up:

  1. Choose destination
  2. Choose top up amount
  3. Choose a payment method. Simple!

Special Promotion

Usually once a month we offer our customers a special deal:

You will receive additional 25CUC for free for every recharge during the promotion period.

For 20 CUC you will receive 20 CUC+ 25 CUC

For 30 CUC you will receive 30 CUC+ 25 CUC

For 40 CUC you will receive 40 CUC+ 25 CUC

For 50 CUC you will receive 50 CUC+ 25 CUC

Say I care with utransto!


Cuban cars in red yeloow green
Top up Cuban mobile phones