How to recharge a prepaid phone in Ghana

My dear Ghanian friend,

have you ever been in this very annoying situation?
Imagine this:

You live abroad (it maybe somewhere in Europe or elsewhere in this world) You just came back home from a long day of work, tired, hungry and ready to rest.
Just before getting ready to relax you check your phone and see the following message:
“Pleeease can you send me airtime, all my credit is finished and I need it urgently, as in now! Please, please”!

So you might say to yourself, arrgh how can I sort out this problem living far away on a differnt continent?
Yes, you could go and send money first thing in the morning, but it will take time until the person receives it. On top up that it´s very time consuming.
What next?
Well, we have the most comfortable and fastest solution for you,!

How it works:
All you need is access to the internet!
1. Go to
2. Register for free to receive your account
3. Type in the number you would like to top-up
4. Select the payment method
That´s all. In less than 1 minute the top-up will be received and you can sit back and enjoy your evening.

utransto offers outstanding customer service, great value for money and instant top-up . No need to enter a pin or scratch a card. Hussle free!

You can choose from a range of operators:

It ´s so easy and so fast. Try for yourself now!

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