Caution, risk of repetition!

Important note for the actual Cubacel promotion:
The current bonus promotion – originally only until May 29th planned – will be extended at short notice up to and including May 31st, 2021! That means two additional days to receive the mega bonus of +1250 CUP. At the same time, the bonus top-up also entitles you to the favorable 50% international tariff. This opportunity should not be missed.

For the second time in May, Cubacel is offering a worthwhile bonus promotion. Secure yourself a bonus of 1250 CUP between May 24th and 29th, for a topup of a Cuban number worth 500 CUP. So you pay 500 CUP and get the equivalent of 1750 CUP! As an additional special incentive, you can also benefit from a tariff promotion!

In addition to the mobile phone credit promotion, there is a 50% discount promotion for international phone calls from the network operator. All international calls made with the bonus credit are charged at only half of the regular international tariff. If the bonus is used up or there is no more bonus available, only half of the regular international tariff will be charged (for this you must take part in the bonus campaign!) The bonus can be used for 30 days from the time of topping up!

Bonus amount:

1250 CUP Bonus!

+ 50%-Telephony-Bonus

Start and End of the Promotion:

Start of the Promotion

06:01:00 Uhr

End of the Promotion

23:59:00 Uhr

Charge a Cuban cell phone now simply and in a few steps:

  • Register on our website
  • Enter the Cuban phone number including the area code
  • Select the amount you want
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Your order is complete

Benefit from the upcoming bonus Promotion via the following link:

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