Double the credit with Cubacel!

In addition to the current promotion from Cubacel until 29.01. introducing the new “Cubacel Bundles/Packages” combi-plan product line (which may be offered permanently in the future), a credit doubling promotion will be available at short notice from 28.01. up to and including 03.02.22.

Top-ups from 500 CUP for a Cuban number will be doubled for free with the upcoming bonus campaign from January 28th – February 3rd! This results in the following examples:

Buy 500 CUP »get 1000 CUP
Buy 700 CUP »get 1400 CUP
Buy 1000 CUP »Get 2000 CUP
Buy 1250 CUP »get 2500 CUP

In addition, the bonus campaign offers you another advantage. Unlike the “usual” bonus credit, this is credited to the main balance and is therefore valid for 330 days. In addition, like the regular credit for all mobile services offered (national and international calls, SMS, MMS, purchase of all packages, as well as data, minute and SMS plans, credit transfer to other SIM cards and activation of the Amigo plan) can be used without restrictions and gives you all the freedom!

Happy communication!

Bonus amount:

Credit doubling

Start and End of the Promotion:

Start of the Promotion

06:01:00 Uhr

End of the Promotion

23:59:00 Uhr

Charge a Cuban cell phone now simply and in a few steps:

  • Register on our website
  • Enter the Cuban phone number including the area code
  • Select the amount you want
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Your order is complete

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