Reason You Should Use Bitcoin To Pay For Mobile Phone Credit

BTC Prepaid Guthaben

Countless people around the world rely on rechargeable mobile phone service, depending on it to stay in contact with family members, friends, and their workplace. This phone service primary benefits those in rural areas, far from major cities. In many cases with limited phone service, mobile phone plans and SIM cards having to be recharged with money to be used, in a pay-per-use system.

While this traditional method of payment is tried and true, has a much better solution. At, you can top up on mobile phone credit with Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Using Bitcoin to pay for this service provides a multitude of benefits, however, it is important to discuss what Bitcoin is. Bitcoin is an online currency that was created in 2009. This currency is completely digital, meaning it is not based in any hard currency. Bitcoin, however, maintains near-identical liquidity to cash and hard currency. You can purchase products, pay for services, such as recharging your SIM card and invest in it as a stock value. Also, it can be easily bought and sold online, making it easy to acquire or sell, adding a level on convenience that not many other currencies have. Bitcoin has one major advantage: security. Bitcoin transactions, while recorded publicly into the “blockchain”, are extremely secure. Any time Bitcoin is sent or received, the transaction information is encrypted with private keys, affording anonymity to the person completing the transaction. Due to this, the anonymous aspect of Bitcoin, combined with its inability to be traced, makes it a popular option for many. It also cannot be stolen through traditional methods of stealing cash or bank account info. Also, Bitcoin’s value changes often. It often drops lower, making your money go farther, allowing you to purchase more phone time. allows you to use this secure payment method to recharge your phone SIM card, making it easy and secure to continue using your phone service. makes paying with Bitcoin extremely easy. All you have to do is

1) select the country and select the number that needs a mobile recharge,

2) select how much money you desire to recharge the account with, and

3) select the payment method. It’s that simple, and the money is sent quickly and securely. is very easy to use. Account registration is quick and gives you full access to the website storage of payment methods for ease of access. Bonus points reward repeated top-ups, allowing for vouchers to be earned and cashed out, giving the user free recharges.

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