Tuesday, 17 September 2019

indian family mother sister

A sweet surprise to show your family in India that you care

Many Indians live abroad, far away from their families. It is natural that we want to stay close to our friends and family and if possible support them where we can. There are many ways to show that you care about your loved ones. But have you considered the following:…

utransto Cubacel Bonus

Cubacel Super Bonus +25 CUC Free – Offer Ends 29/07/2015

We love Cubacel Bonus Promotions! But it´s not how it used to be, it´s different! For every recharge you receive additional 25,- CUC. For: 15,- CUC receive 25,- CUC bonus and a total of 40,- CUC 20,- CUC receive 25,- CUC bonus and a total of 45,- CUC 30,- CUC receive…