The summer bonus is retained!

Shortly after the end of the previous bonus promotion, the next red-hot bonus is in the starting blocks! This time there is a double bonus campaign from Cubacel, which includes both the use of the Internet and the popular credit bonus for telephony and SMS sending.

MoGet a bonus of 1 GB of data volume with a top-up of a Cuban phone number of just 22.49 euros and receive an additional 1000 CUP as a bonus credit. The bonus can then be used within 30 days (from the day of loading) as you wish, the bonus campaign runs from August 9th to August 14th, 2021 and can also be used multiple times.

Bonus amount:

1 GB data volume
+ 1000 CUP

Start and End of the Promotion:

Start of the Promotion

06:01:00 Uhr

End of the Promotion

23:59:00 Uhr

Charge a Cuban cell phone now simply and in a few steps:

  • Register on our website
  • Enter the Cuban phone number including the area code
  • Select the amount you want
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Your order is complete

Benefit from the upcoming bonus Promotion via the following link:

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