New bonus promotion from Cubacel coming!

We are pleased to be able to announce the next bonus for the month of April, which combines internet and telephony. It doesn’t matter whether it’s surfing the Internet or conventional calls, Cubacel makes it possible with its next bonus campaign!

Top-ups from a value of 500 and 700 CUP of a Cuban phone number can benefit from the bonus campaign, resulting in the following examples:

Top-ups from 500 CUP get:
+10 GB (5GB all networks / 5 GB LTE)

Top-ups from 700 CUP get:
+10 GB (5 GB all networks / 5 GB LTE)
+1000 CUP

The data bonus can be used as you please within 30 days (from the day of top-up), the CUP bonus is valid for 330 days from the time of top-up! The bonus campaign runs from April 4th to 9th, 2022 and can be claimed several times!

Do not miss!

Bonus amount:

Topups from 500 CUP get:
10GB data volume (5GB all networks, 5GB LTE network)

Topups from 700 CUP get:
10GB data volume (5GB all networks, 5GB LTE network)
+ 1000 CUP

Start and End of the Promotion:

Start of the Promotion

06:01:00 MESZ

End of the Promotion

23:59:00 MESZ

Charge a Cuban cell phone now simply and in a few steps:

  • Register on our website
  • Enter the Cuban phone number including the area code
  • Select the amount you want
  • Select the desired payment method
  • Your order is complete

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