Top up Aldi Talk and other German SIM cards online

Are you travelling to Germany and would like to recharge a German Sim Card? 

Yes, it can be annoying. You are busy and you don´t have time to look for a shop that does top-ups for your Sim Card? Or you found a shop and the sales assistant doesn´t speak English well enough to understand what you need?

Never mind! There is an easier way!

With utransto you can be at home or at the hotel and top up your Sim Card online, hassle free.

You don´t have to be afraid of any language barrier or worry about store opening hours.

It is just 3 simple steps once you have registered for free:

  1. Type in number
  2. Select operator
  3. Choose payment method. That´s it!

Go to now and see how easy it is



Choose from operators like:

  • Alditalk
  • ADAC Prepaid
  • allmobile
  • atg mobile
  • ay yildiz
  • base
  • blau mobilfunk
  • blauworld
  • callmobile
  • congstar
  • Conrad Fair Pay
  • D3 mobile
  • eplus
  • easy Tel
  • FYVE
  • getsmart
  • ja mobil
  • klarmobil
  • MediaMarkt
  • mobil 09
  • Mobilka
  • Mtv mobile
  • NettoKom
  • netzclub
  • Norma Mobil
  • O2
  • ortel mobile
  • Otelo
  • Penny Mobil
  • Pro 7 Smart
  • Rossman mobil
  • RTL surfstick
  • Saturn
  • sc prepaid
  • SIM Voice
  • simyo
  • Tmobile
  • Tchibo
  • Tui connect
  • vodafone
  • vybemobile
  • Whatsapp Sim
  • wir mobil
  • yourfone
  • Top up sim card online