Go Kenya! Top up Airtel, Telkom and Safaricom SIM cards online!

You study abroad and your parents need their mobile phone balance recharged? Have you fallen in love with someone special while sightseeing in Kenya and now you need a cell phone top up to keep her sending those romantic texts? Do you frequently travel abroad for business and you have to recharge local SIM cards to stay connected with your partners? If you have answered any of these with a yes then you need a reliable service with which you can instantly recharge any cell phone balance in Kenya even when you are abroad.

In Kenya, the most popular mode of using the internet is via mobile phone. As such, you are in luck because Kenya’s mobile telecommunications market has a lot to offer. There are three main operators: Safaricom, Airtel, Telkom, each of which is supported by www.utransto.com for instant mobile phone top ups. There are other smaller operators too, such as Equitel and Yumobile.

Kenya has a very mature mobile phone and telecommunications market, it offers its clients every kind of mobile internet connection, including 4G/LTE. In fact, 91% of Kenya’s population are unique mobile phone users. This makes Kenya rank significantly above the average internet usage penetration in the African continent, which stands at around 40%. Moreover, Kenya’s cell phone user base has grown a staggering 15%, or 6 million users, in the last 12 months.

In such a well-connected country you can top up the mobile phone of anyone in Kenya, whenever you like. At utransto you can recharge your cell phone balance in three easy steps. All you need is an internet connection to make the recharge happen. It’s very simple: you enter your cell phone number, choose a mobile operator (Safaricom, Telkom or Airtel), choose an amount to recharge your balance with and finally you proceed to pay for the top up. Head over to utransto and top up your cell phone now.

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